Welcome to world of "Valonpisara" (the Bead of Light) and Intuitive Healing!

The mission is to support holistic health and well-being.

Health and well-being is harmony between the body, mind and spirit. A human being is a unic ensemble, where everything interconnected. Everything is connected to everything else. We can guide ourselves towards greater harmony, balance and happinese by our own thoughts and actions. Or to some other direction. We make the choise, many times a day.

Everything is energy

Everything is energy, everything has a certain vibrational frequency. Energy is constantly vibrating. We are responsible for our own energy levels, the vibration we send out. It is possible to affect the frequency also with energy healing. Lower frequencies feel heavier and higher frequencies feel lighter. It really feels good to be able to release some heavier energies. And rather not to attract them again.

Our thinking effects on everything

Words are a significant part of the intuitive healing sessions. Words nourish your mind and help to find new ways of thinking, help you to receive the guidance you benefit from. Sometimes some reassurance is needed even though we already know the answers to our questions. Thoughts help to create the life that really looks like you. It is goos to see that your thoughts are heading the same directions as you are!

You are the key

Every healing session is individual. All the energy, healing, messages and guiding is brought to that exact situation and person´s state of life, always in a form that is totally suitable for the person. A customer is an active partisipant who allowes things to happen and changes to take place. It requires one´s own active role to anchor the changes, to change the ways of thinking and acting to something that supports the change. The way to go is the way that one´s inner wisdom shows. You get all the support and guidance you are ready to receive. Open yourself to receivea and there is al ot to come!

Intuitive healing can be used to many different symptoms. Follow your own intuition and if this feels like a good idea to you at this very moment go ahead and open yourself to receive.  All the healing sessions are very safe, always under control of your own higher self.

Anna-Riina Zitting
Intuitive Healer